Madeline Howard
Madeline Howard
Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer


About Madeline

Madeline (Maddie) Howard is an experienced freelance writer and editor based in New York. Among other things, she’s a lover of all beauty, sex and book-related content.

Her work has been published on Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Nylon, Men’s Health, Thrive GlobalMedium, HuffPostbSmart Guide and more.

You can find her wandering bookstores while sipping an iced coffee.



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Elite Daily

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“What’s In Your Box? Unpacking the Orgasm Gap with Christine Long”

“My Mom Ran for Office — and Won”

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Thrive Global

“I Got a Black Eye and it Taught Me a Thing or Two About Sexism” 

“Feminism Saved My Teenage Mental Health”

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Women’s Sports Foundation

“How Soccer Led Athlete Maddie Howard Forward”


“Sit down like a lady: Reflections From My Summer as a Nanny”



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